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The WSET Level 2 Award in Wines is the perfect stepping stone for those who take their wine seriously, either as a dinner party host, a curious wine consumer or someone working within the hospitality industry that wants to enhance their wine knowledge with this wine world class qualification.

Regardless of which you are, this course is perfect for you and is a pre-requisite for you to go on to study the advanced level 3 qualification. We are able to offer WSET Level 2 Award in Wines either as a 3-day classroom based course or via online learning.

Some of the things you will learn;

  • The anatomy of a grape

  • Vineyard management for grape growing

  • How the environment and climate impacts the final style of wine

  • Regional wine labelling terms and their stipulations on winemaking and maturation option

  • Fermentation and the winemaking process

  • How the environment, climate and winemaking options impacts the style of wine made from the principle international grape varieties

  • The regionally important black and white grape varieties from specific regions (GI's)

  • An understanding of the production processes that can impact the styles of sparkling and fortified wines

  • In total, over 20 different grape varieties from over 70 different geographical locations

  • The service and storage of wine

  • Food and wine pairing

  • How to systematically taste wine according to the WSET SAT at Level 2

What you will receive;

  • All study materials

  • Expert tutoring from a WSET accredited educator

  • The use of the glassware and spittoons

  • At least 25 different wines tasted

  • Examination and related fees are included

  • Certificate - for those who pass will receive a certificate worthy of being framed and a lapel​

How it is assessed;

  • A 50-question multiple choice examination, with a pass rate of 55% (28/50)

  • A merit (70-84%) and distinction (85%+) grade is attainable 

If you want to know more about this course to ensure it is right for you, then read through the specification by clicking the image below or contact us at and let's chat!



  • WSET Level 2 Award in Wines
    WSET Level 2 Award in Wines
    17th, 18th & 24th Sept 2022 (9am - 5pm)
    South West London
    17th, 18th & 24th Sept 2022 (9am - 5pm)
    South West London
    17th, 18th & 24th Sept 2022 (9am - 5pm)
    South West London
    The 3-day qualification is the perfect course for the wine enthusiasts who want to build on their wine knowledge. You’ll gain enviable knowledge of the principal and regionally important grape varieties of the world, the regions in which they are grown, and the styles of wine they produce.
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