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Your Privacy

At Fronisi, your privacy is important, this is why we have created this very simple approach to how we collect and use your data.

We are, in the large part known as 'Data Controllers', this means that we control the data that you supply us. This is great news for you as you can rest assured that we won't supply your data to anyone else, unless you give us permission to.

In that case, we will be know as 'Data Processor's', we will get your permission in advance outlining what data we will supply, who we will supply it to, why we will supply it, how long they will use it for and for how long they will keep your data for. Generally, we only supply data to third parties for certifications.

Let's go back to us as data controllers;

What data we collect and why we collect it;

  • Name; The art of hospitality is to make things personal. Our business is no different, the personal touch makes all of the difference to someone's day.

  • Postal Address; This is just so that we can send you the certificates you have worked so hard to attain. We also send some study packs to you before some of our courses. We might send you the occasional update too.

  • Email address; Learning doesn't just happen in the classroom. Using your email address allows us to check in on your learning, issue pre/post coursework, communicate results and let you know what interesting stuff we have coming down the line.

  • Telephone number; We might just need to call you to let you know about any upcoming training, previous training, feedback of results or just to check in to see how you are and to let you know about something we feel you may be interested in.

  • Date of birth; Not only do we need this to make sure you are over the required age for some of our wine and spirits training, it also helps us differentiate between people who may have the same name.

  • Job title; This is really key for us to know so that we know that some of our leadership training has a direct impact into your business. Seeing our learners move through their career with promotions in your business is really satisfying for us.

How we collect;

  • We will collect it when you supply it to us or via your employer, so nothing complicated here. Our website may also capture some of your data if you sign up as a member to access our forum / members page or shopping pages when you look to purchase an item.

How we store;

  • We are pretty old school really with storing your data. If it is digital, then it is password protected. For anything paper based, we keep it in a locked cupboard

How long we keep your data;

  • We are not hoarders, so we don't hold onto anything we don't need for any longer that we need it. We will keep data after 3 years as we know that people move house, move jobs and sometimes certificates can be misplaced. We also don't want to keep giving you updates if you don't want to be receiving them, so I'd rather give you one less email to delete.

Removing your data;

  • We want to make this as simple as possible, all we ask you do is to drop us an email at, let us know you want your data removing and we will do the rest

What we share and why we share it;

  • We did mention this at the top, but we feel it is really important to have you trust with this, so writing it a second time might be helpful. We will get your permission in advance  of sharing any data we need to share, outlining what data we will supply, who we will supply it to, why we will supply it, how long they will use it for and for how long they will keep your data for. Just to repeat, we only supply data to third parties for certifications.

To rest your mind with your data, you have many rights, which we won't outline here, but you can check out the Information Commissioners Office website here.

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